WOMEN’S Informed Energy Collection

  • €249,90

So much more than perfumes.

We believe in a world where people are constantly surrounded with love, gratitude and endless abundance.
We are empowering people to life to its full potential through attraction symbols. Attraction symbols help us with changing and rising our vibrations so we can achieve – happiness, love, wisdom, strength, attractiveness, security, abundance, success, money, harmony, etc. much quicker.

Our perfume bottles have engraved attraction symbols and affirmation. With its high vibration, they affect the perfume (fragrance) that is inside the bottle. Perfumes are stored in glass bottles scientifically proven to transfer best translates information to the contents in the bottle. Fragrances are enriched with certified liquid diamonds

Instructions for use: We apply TheSecretOne1 as the basis, and then we add the perfume from the Informed Energy Collection, which vibrates at the frequency that we most need at the given moment:

Attraction /AurumBei

It contains vibration and energy of Attraction symbol Aurum Bei (attraction) which makes us more attractive but above all it helps us to easily get and attract everything we want. It has a high concentration of a compound that makes us interesting and attractive to people with whom we are compatible. The smell is very unobtrusive and every person will perceive the fragrance differently. Even if we do not smell it, it works!
It can be used individually or as a basis for other perfumes from the Informed Energy Collection.

Affirmation: I love myself deeply and fully. I am enough. I happily give and receive love each day.
It raises the awareness that we must love ourselves first. It attracts love in our lives
Freshly picked sweet delicate Japanese cherry blossom fragrance with unbelievable scent.

Happiness/ KalerAdali
Affirmation: I choose to be happy. I spread joy to others and absorb happiness from others.
It strengthens the sense of happiness and at the same time it contributes to happy outcomes of the situation.
Fresh and sweet Orange Blossom, summertime favorite smell.

Affirmation: I flow with life and life flows with me. Life inspires me.
It fills us with lightness and joy, things become easier, we become aware that life is beautiful and simple.
Galbanum, Hyacinth, Petigrain, Iris Butter, Oakmoss, Vetiver Fraction.