Attraction Circle

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In the Attraction Circle there are 8 symbols that work in perfect synergy and harmony, with a clear purpose of transforming our lives towards our goals and hearts. The secret of the endless eighth is embodied in the movement of the eight energy keys (for love, security and protection, money, harmony, trust, dimension dimension, happiness, health) that lead to the completeness of consistency with the Universe.

1. Love, Amar Nat

The symbol matches you with the energy of love, it attracts you in your life and surrounds you with it. Love is the most important thing in the world, because it is related to everything you do, what you do and what you have in your life. It affects all levels of your being and can not be fooled. What you really love, grows and blooms, to which you do not feel love, will not succeed.

Amar Nat helps you overcome the problems that have arisen due to fear and harmful beliefs that have been implanted in your early youth and that you do not know or can not be able to have for yourself, which is also due to poor self-esteem, insensitivity and unsatisfactory or conflicting relationships with others. It also helps you to love your body, which affects both your physical and mental health, and your hormonal balance. Love for money significantly influences the status of your account, the wall thickness, the love of family, and the harmonious home.

2. Security and security, Tarin Alb

Security is a feeling when we know that we can be peaceful in ourselves, with optimism we look to the future, we are not afraid of the environment or entering into relationships with different people. It is the inner awareness that everything is right and that tomorrow's day will also be filled with the content that we want and master. A man who does not have a satisfied sense of security is always looking for him. It does not find peace in itself, despite its desire and effort, it is very difficult to build quality and lasting relationships.

The Tarin Alb symbol around you creates an energy shield so that only love and light can penetrate into the interior, and positive energy from the outside world. Activates the courage that develops to be able to break down unwanted layers of fear and negative thought patterns. The feeling of security is one of the basic needs of life and is the basis for the development of personality power. Tara Alb increases the sense of safety and has a beneficial effect in anxiety and various anxiety disorders.

Use it to protect yourself and the rooms, it is indispensable in the car, on the engine, on boats, on airplanes and on all routes.

3. Money, Amali Doare

It is a symbol for the flow of wealth in material form. It is ideal for sales promotion, marketing and financial success. It opens you to receive goods and topical thought patterns of restraint, sickness and poverty, and make sure they pay you what belongs to you.

4. Harmony, Shani Taer

It is a symbol that helps you harmonize your life, as everything in nature tends to balance. It helps you to harmonize the physical body, intellect, emotions and soul - which is the basis for personal growth. It also has a great influence on the relationships between work and entertainment, service and spending, the helpfulness and putting themselves first, during activity and rest, and of course on all types of relationships, by taking them sharpness and raising their quality.

5. Trust, Elam Lin

Only trust can lead you to the awakening of a personality. Elam Lin in you raises the awareness that trust has nothing to do with logic and reason, because it is by nature a state of mind. It will give you more confidence in others, the process of life and above all for yourself, and the consequences will be the right decisions and clever steps. Trust is also extremely important for the construction and development of mutual relations - both personal and business.

6. Door dimension, Eglan Vin

It is one of the most mysterious, timeless Elin symbols of power. It enables the transition to the highest dimension of living and working and leads you to the infinite dimension of mysterious knowledge and energies. It gives you a completely different view of your own life and situations, accelerates manifestations and encourages creation. People who have clean and open all energy centers in the body, especially the heart chakra, whose level of consciousness has exceeded the threshold of the dimension of the primary senses, and whose intent and purpose are good, selfless and crystal clear, are used by humans most effectively. It also helps us to look at our situation from a distance and from another angle.

7. Happiness, Kaler Adali

Happiness is not an emotion; it is a decision. In psychology it is understood as a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by a series of pleasant feelings and feelings, from pleasure to joy.

The vibration of the Kaler Adalia symbol reminds you at all times that you, just and you, are the one who decides about your destiny. At any moment, it reminds you that the consequences of your decisions are like a wave that flows forward and fills it back. His energy helps you to consciously deal with things that give you pleasant feelings in you and recall more pleasant, unpleasant events and situations in your memory. When you consciously focus your focus on a pleasant one, this significantly influences your inner feelings and states. By thinking about what and where your happiness is, your decisions will always be correct, and all your relationships will be improved (in a survey that has been going on for 75 years, it has been shown that interpersonal relationships are most important for happiness).

8. Health, Olan Rei

The health symbol covers the whole process of treatment that triggers it, and at the same time the ultimate goal of total healing. We use it to improve the general health of all bodies (material, astral, mental and spiritual), to restore a healthy balance in the body (especially at the level of the glandular system of internal secretion) and to prevent the onset of disease (preventive).

On the back of the circle, for each symbol, a written mantra of the symbol is written. Mantras are sacred words that carry high vibrations in themselves and are written in a language that every soul understands. It consists of a word or set of words that bring a huge amount of positive energy into our lives, and by repeating mantra, we create vibrations that bring us closer to our personal mission.

Due to the combination of symbols and the interconnectedness of energies, the strength of the Viline Circle is much greater than if each amulet was used individually.

You can put an elk circle around your neck as an interesting jewel and a powerful energy talisman, or hang it or place it in the selected energy space in the room (apartment, shop, shop, office, wherever you want to purify the flows of friendly energy).It is advisable to touch it as soon as possible, ask for help or answer, because the symbols are "live" and should be polite with them.


If you have a headache, use the Eclipse only occasionally!

Once you are well purified and the energies rise to their place, you will no longer have any problems.

Material: copper

Amulet diameter: 57mm

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