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Aurum Bei is a magnetic Attraction symbol which will draw towards you and into your space the energies in absolute harmony with your energy frequency.

This Attraction symbol does not merely represent the erotic, emotional or sexual attraction between men and women, but so much more. It is about the attraction that brings new friends, lovers, jobs, actions, situations, opportunities and abilities into our lives.

Of course, it will also help you look more attractive and charming, though mainly to those who will help you realize your life’s mission and your destiny.
Use it in accordance with its meaning, i.e. when you want to bring into your life, without much effort, what attracts you and what you need; a nice new job, a good friend, a great lover, a comfortable and cheap flat, or anything else. It will also come of use in those days when you get up on the wrong side of the bed, and everything seems to go wrong. When you look into the mirror and your image drives you to despair, it’s high time you have immersed yourself in the energy of special attraction.