Personal Attraction Symbol

Personal Attraction Symbol

  • €120,00

Your Personal Attraction Symbol (PAS) is much more than just a talisman and powerful personal “logo”. It appears in the energy form of a magic key which unlocks your deepest inner knowledge and awakens your hidden abilities. It helps you to connect with your intuition and with the essence of your being.

Your PAS is like your guiding lighthouse which leads you on the path of your heart, protects you, gives advice and support and helps you to improve all the areas of your life by taking the power over your destiny into your own hands. The level of your consciousness rises in the process and enables interesting communications with other worlds and dimensions.

The Symbol is also programmed to help you find happiness, love, joy, health, harmony, abundance and success on all planes of existence. It gives you a clear inside into the essence of the matter and situation, which enables you to solve problems with less effort and more efficiency. Your mind becomes widely open to the messages of the Universe around you and inside you.

PAS is created during a special deep meditation which requires the following data: your name and the date of birth. It first appears in the form of a multicolored hologram which emanates your special energy. It has a very specific arrangement of devic builders and represents your unique original and unrepeatable elfin energy signature.

You will receive it in the form of a glittering colorful energy ideogram, drawn on a larger colored carton. The explanation of the meaning for every devic builder is also included along with the original special name of your PAS, which works like a mantra for invoking your full potential.

It works the best when it is very close to you, inside your aura. That’s why a lovely wooden pendant with your PAS is in the magic package as well, together with another smaller multicolored energy ideogram, which you can keep in your pocket or put it in the wallet or under the pillow at night.

It is advisable that you draw your PAS with your own hand at least once so that the power of your intent can fully connect with the energy of the symbol. It was created for you to fulfil your life mission and your most beautiful dreams while you are becoming a wonderful person you always wanted to be.